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Les impressions de nos amis australiens  par Alain Guyot le 2018-04-03

Les impressions de nos amis australiens sur leur séjour en France,  à Fontainebleau,  après 3 semaines passées parmi nous, au Lycée François 1er :

. Jessica Graves:  “I’m writing this recount of my exchange at 3 :50 pm ,  a time  in which I would have already finished school for an hour In Alice Springs, which is certainly different. And more tiring! I expected France to be a place where baguettes and cheese are a part of the everyday life and that Paris , along with the rest of the country, would be a very beautiful place. My expectations were most certainly true!

However I did not imagine how quickly the French language is spoken. I have gone from being an A student who has learnt French for 3 years to a student in a French school who can understand about 5% of what everyone is saying. Also I’m getting accustomed to living with another family most certainly different to my family at home, but I’m enjoying my time.

Paris is stunning especially seen from a boat on the Seine River at night! I also got the opportunity to see snow (for the first time!)  in the South of France, near Nice.

My trip to France so far has been absolutely lovely and I just know that the next 6 weeks with Blandine will be just as lovely. Meeting Mr Macron at Institut de France with my class in Paris was also a highlight;  and I’m looking forward to going to Cambridge with Miss Léger on the 9th of  April . ”

. Imre Laan:Australia is not France thzat is obvious! For instance time allocation to time spent for dinner has been increased from 20 or 30 minutes to an hour and some more. I have found myself consistently surprised about time being spent around the table. I have been taken to the Fontainebleau castle and observed a surreal level of rich history within its walls. The fact that this castle has had so many rules and other historical events is fascinating. I have also been fortunate enough to travel with my host family and Nils to a castle built on a small island (Mont Saint Michel) The scale of the castle amazed me…”

Elisabeth Boyle: I’ ve already visited many places , learned many things, and tried things that I definitely wouldn’t have the chance to do anywhere else. I got to visit the south of France, exploring the city of Marseille and its surroundings, beaches, churches, and many other monuments. In Australia normally people in my grade after school would have sports or a job to do. Dinner is just one course, but here it takes a long time! When I first arrived in February I found it way too cold. Fortunately it’s warming up a little. I understand more French than at the beginning even if it is still hard to speak but I have improved my listening skills. And I’m looking forward to visiting England with Isaline and my classmates.”